SRSA Listserv

SRSA members can subscribe to the (srsa-l) listserv for discussion and the dissemination of important information for the southern regional science community.

Subscribing to the SRSA-L is easy. Send an e-mail message with the following text: sub srsa-l name, affiliation

Here is an example: sub srsa-l Randall Jackson, Regional Research Institute, WVU

Your name and affiliation must be brief (i.e., your email address, name and affiliation should be less than 60 characters long, including spaces). In reply, the LISTSERVER (a computer process) will generate a mail message telling you that your subscription is active and providing you with additional information. After you subscribe, should you want to obtain the e-mail addresses of other current subscribers, send the following message to: with the following text: rev srsa-l. You will then be sent a file containing the names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of all current subscribers. The list is updated continuously as people subscribe or unsubscribe.

To send a message to one or more of these people, you now have a file from which to locate the particular e-mail addresses in which you are interested. To send a message to all subscribers, simply mail your message to: and it will be sent as a mail message to everyone on the list.

To unsubscribe from the list, send a message to: with the following text: unsub srsa-l

For further information, please contact: Caigan McKenzie