We regret to inform you that the 59th Annual Meetings of the Southern Regional Science Association have been cancelled. Given the nature of what has brought on these travel restrictions, we also believe that cancellation will ensure that we do not increase the health risks to our members. This has not been an easy decision for the Executive Council but protecting the health of our members, their families, and their communities is our highest priority.
Due to the cancellation, SRSA has adopted the following refund policy for individuals with paid registration (student, pre-registration, and regular registration):

SRSA will provide a 100% refund of your registration. This will be refunded to you through the same payment method that your registration was paid. Refunds will be issued starting the week of March 23. Please allow up to one week for your card to be credited. You do not have to request a refund of your registration; this will be performed automatically unless you inform us otherwise.

If you would like to convert your registration to a tax deductible contribution to SRSA, please contact SRSA Treasurer, Christa Court, at, with that request. Any request to convert registration into a tax-deductible contribution to SRSA must be requested by 5:00pm EDT, Friday, March 20.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to SRSA to support us during these unprecedented circumstances, please contact SRSA Treasurer, Christa Court, at

For several years now, SRSA has provided SRSA membership for everyone that attends the annual meetings of the SRSA. Regular annual membership dues are $50. As a part of the payment of your dues, you also become a member of the Regional Science Association International (full RSAI membership details can be found at Given that the 2020 SRSA Meetings are cancelled, you can pay your dues on our website ( Regular membership dues for 2020 are $50 (students can join for $20). In addition to the benefits of RSAI membership and NARSC, payment of dues will provide you access to potential upcoming activities online that are created in the future to support our members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I would like to pay for my membership with my existing paid registration. Can I only be
refunded the difference?
Answer: No. Our credit card processor provides a discount for processing a refund of the same exact amount of the transaction. We would request that you perform a separate transaction on the SRSA website to join for the purpose of membership benefits. Further, many employers have restrictions on the types of funds that can be used to pay membership and using registration for membership may not be allowed.

Question: Can my registration for the 2020 SRSA Meetings be transferred to the 2021 SRSA Meetings?
Answer: Yes. You can transfer your registration. However, we know that most employers approve travel for one travel event at a time and will not allow such a transfer. We highly recommend you contact the entity that funded your travel costs to the 2020 SRSA conference to see if a transfer is possible. All requests to transfer registration must be sent to the SRSA Treasurer, Christa Court, at by 5:00pm EDT, Friday, March 20.