Welcome to the Southern Regional Science Association

We are an association for the advancement of regional analysis and related spatial and areal studies. We operate as an objective, scientific organization without political, social, financial, or nationalistic bias. The main objectives of SRSA are to foster the exchange of ideas and to promote studies focusing on regional topics and issues and utilizing tools, methods, and theoretical frameworks specifically designed for regional analysis as well as concepts, procedures, and analytical techniques of the various social and other sciences. The Association supports these objectives by promoting acquaintance and discussions among its members and with scholars in related fields, by stimulating research, by encouraging the publication of scholarly studies, and by performing services to aid the advancement of its members and the field of regional science.

We invite you to browse our site and keep abreast of upcoming news of the SRSA. Visit the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) for membership information and updates and links to regional and international regional science organizations.

About Us