Executive Council

SRSA Constitution

Richard Cebula -- Jacksonville University

President-elect and Program Chair
Sarah Low -- ERS, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Immediate Past President
Brian Cushing -- West Virginia University

Co-executive Directors
John Sporing, Jr., Secretary --
BEA, U.S. Department of Commerce (retired)
Heather Stephens, Treasurer -- West Virginia University

Nominations Chair
Santiago Pinto -- Federal Reserve Bank at Richmond

Honors Chair and Graduate Student Papers
Steven Deller -- University of Wisconsin-Madison

NARSC Councilor
Thomas Knapp -- Penn State Wilkes-Barre

Elected Council Members


John Halsted -- University of New Hampshire

Philip Watson -- University of Idaho


Dayton Lambert -- University of Tennessee

Frank Goetzke -- University of Louisville


Don Lacombe -- Texas Tech University

John Winters -- Oklahoma State University

Editor-in-Chief, The Review of Regional Studies
Amanda Ross -- University of Alabama

Past Presidents
Brian Cushing -- West Virginia University
Santiago Pinto -- Federal Reserve Bank at Richmond
Steven Deller-- University of Wisconsin-Madison
Michael L. Lahr -- Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Dan Rickman -- Oklahoma State University
Douglas P. Woodward --
University of South Carolina, Columbia
Randall W. Jackson -- West Virginia University
John E. Connaughton -- University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Peter V. Schaeffer--West Virginia University
Nancy E. White -- Bucknell University
David McGranahan -- ERS, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Cynthia Rogers -- University of Oklahoma
Mark Partridge -- Ohio State University
Stephen M. Smith -- Pennsylvania State University
Robert Gibbs -- ERS, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Frank Hefner -- College of Charleston
John Rees -- University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Judith Stallmann -- University of Missouri
Andy Bernat -- BEA, U.S. Dept. of Commerce
David Barkley -- Clemson University
David Mulkey -- University of Florida
Carol T. West -- University of Florida
Edward J. Malecki -- Ohio State University
John R. Kort -- BEA, U.S. Department of Commerce (retired)
Thomas G. Johnson -- University of Missouri
Andrew M. Isserman -- University of Illinois at Urbana
Mark S. Henry -- Clemson University
David Rasmussen -- Florida State University
Joseph Cartwright -- U.S. Department of Defense
William Latham -- University of Delaware
Hugh W. Knox -- BEA, U.S. Department of Commerce (retired)
Barry Moriarty -- University of North Carolina
James C. Hite -- Clemson University
A. Ray Grimes -- KPMG LLP
William J. Serow -- Florida State University
Richard Olsen -- Applied Business Research
John H. Cumberland -- University of Maryland
Niles M. Hansen -- University of Texas at Austin
Lowell D. Ashby -- U.S. Department of Commerce
Shirley F. Weiss -- University of North Carolina (retired)
Monroe Newman -- Washington, DC (Pennsylvania State University)
William H. Miernyk -- RRI, West Virginia University
James M. Stepp -- Clemson University
Alan R. Winger -- FHLB of Cincinnati
William A. Schaffer -- Georgia Institute of Technology (emeritus)
Robert T. Miki -- U.S. Department of Commerce

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