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Volume: 18 Issue: 1 Year: 1988

Seeing to It that the Subject of the Science Is the Subject of Its Practice: Toward a Theory of the Outcome of an Economic System'S Working

Superfund Taxes and Expenditures: Regional Redistributions
McNeil & Foshee & Burbee

A Non-Linear Goal Programming Approach to Modeling Intraregional Economic Development
Spahr & Deckro

Income Inequality in Small Regions: A Study of Australian Statistical Divisions
Maxwell & Peter

Prospects for Service Sector Employment Growth in Non-Metropolitan America
Miller & Bluestone

Manufacturing Location: the Impact of Human Capital Stocks and Flows
McNamara & Kriesel

Prior Geographic Mobility and Job Search Length

Identification of Local Capital Markets for Policy Researc
Rogers & Schaffer & Pulver

Volume: 18 Issue: 2 Year: 1988
Regional Variables that Influence the Allocation of Venture Capital: The Role of Banks
Pulver & Hustedde

An Ex Post Evaluation of the Contributions of Irrigation to Regional Development in Alberta: A Case Study
Kulshreshtha & Russell

Forecasting Accuracy and Structural Stability of the Economic Base Model
Polzin & Connaughton & Schallau & Sylvester

The Effects of Regional Land Use Control in Oregon: A Theoretical and Empirical Review
Knaap & Nelson

The Evaluation of Residential Living Space
Rasmussen & Zuehlke

Multi-Level Modeling for Incorporating Public Perceptions into Comprehensive Planning: Door County Example
Sancar & Cook

Spatial Price Aggregation, Item Weight and Constant Utility
Simmons & Schneider

Volume: 18 Issue: 3 Year: 1988
Valuing Non-Market Recreation Goods: An Evaluative Survey of the Literature on the Travel Cost and Contingent Valuation Methods
Durden & Shogren

Determinants of Differences in Regional Cyclical Variability

An Analysis of Oil Price Shocks on the Colorado Economy Using Vector Autoregression

Modeling Labor Demand in a State Econometric Model
Jerrell & Morgan

A Note on the Subregional Employment Impact of Urban Revitalization

Returns to Scale Behavior and Manufacturing Agglomeration Economies in U.S. Urban Areas

A Note on Determining the Spatial and Product Extent of a Market

Volume: 19 Issue: 1 Year: 1989
The Product Cycle and High Technology Industry in Nonmetropolitan Areas, 1976-1980

Reflections on Human Resources in the Strategy of Rural Economic Development

Agricultural Nuisances and Right to Farm Laws: Implications Of Changing Liability Rules
Bergstrom & Centner

Interregional Filtering-Down of a Household Asset: The Case of the Automobile Age Mix in Israel

The Political Economy of Growth Management in Oregon: A Historical Review

Convenience and Circuity in a Short-Haul Model of Air Passenger Demand
Russon & Hollingshead

Strategic Planning With a Systems Dynamics Model For Regional Tourism Site Development

Regional Differences in Labor Demand in The United States
Fichtenbaum & Blair

An Alternative Index for Quality of Life in Urban Areas

Volume: 19 Issue: 2 Year: 1989
An Inquiry into the Causes of Increasing Regional Income Inequality in The United States
Amos, Jr.

The Locational Criteria of Footloose Firms: A Formal Model
Allen & Stone

Estimating the Impact of Higher Electricity Rates on Intersectoral Prices: An Input-Output Approach

The Effects of Greenspace Tax Laws on Urban Development
Boyd & Turnbull

The Effect of Government Employment on Income Inequality Overall and in the South: Evidence from Congressional District Data
Brem & Durden & Gaynor

The Impact of Cost of Living Differentials on Migration of Elderly People to Florida
Rasmussen & Fournier & Charity

Regional Earning Patterns: Note

Mutual Relations among Firms, Local Labor Markets and Consumers in an Economy of Shortages: The Case of Poland

Volume: 19 Issue: 3 Year: 1989
Regional Science and Public Management

Global Climate Change: a Challenge to Urban infrastructure Planners
Miller & Walker & Kingsley & Hyman

Applying an Industrial Diversification Decision Model to Small Regions
Schoening & Sweeney

Measures of Shifts in Regional Retail Trade

Regional Conflict and the Clean Air Act

Differential Cyclic Employment Response in a Subregion

Off-Farm Earnings: the Impact of Economic Structure
McNamara & Gunter

Volume: 20 Issue: 1 Year: 1990
Unionization and Unemployment Rates: A Re-Examination Of Olson'S Labor Cartelization Hypothesis
Gruben & Phillips

The Effect of Residential Location on the Probability of Black and White Teenagers Having a Job
Ihlanfeldt & Sjoquist

An Evaluation of the Maxwell-Boltzmann Entropy Model of the Appalachian Steam Coal Market

Economic Growth and Economic Development: Concepts and Measures

Growth Pole Cycles: A Synthesis of Growth Pole and Long Wave Theories
Amos, Jr.

Development and Growth Revisited

Economic Development as an Empirical Concept

Volume: 20 Issue: 2 Year: 1990
The Electronics Industry in Southern California: Growth and Spatial Development From 1945 To 1989
Scott & Drayse

Preliminary Estimates of Gross State Product
Schmidt & Loseke

Constructing Poverty Rankings For State Subregions: A Case Study Of North Carolina
Bishop & Zeager

Measuring and Forecasting Local Economic Activity: A Status Report
Farrell & Hall

The Impact of Space on the Application Of Discrete Choice Models
Haynes & Fotheringham

The Effects of FmHa Guaranteed Farm Loans on Rural Credit Markets
Sullivan & Herr

Comparison of Regional Structures of Production: A Study in Development Strategy

Regional Impacts of the Conservation Reserve Program in the Southeast with Conversion to Trees: An Application of Input-Output Analysis
Broomhall & Johnson

Volume: 20 Issue: 3 Year: 1990
Drugs, Tsars and Economic Development

A Comparison of Regional Forecasting Techniques
Connaughton & Madsen

The Impact of Production Structure on Income Distribution: A Multiplier Approach

The Adequacy of Capital Markets for Rural Nonfarm Businesses
Rogers & Shaffer & Pulver

Localization Economies in the Theme Park Industry
Braun & Milman

Employment Linkages from a Modified Shift-Share Analysis: An Illinois Example
Beck & Herr

A Study of the Distribution of Land Assets and the Level of Productivity in India: Regional Analysis